What is it?

What is it?

PushClean™ have a patented carrier system is a patented capsule system allowing the carriage of a liquid and its related compressed tissue. Practically, in a single small body, it is possible to fit a liquid and together a compressed tissue or swab, for the liquid applying.

It is realized in recyclable plastic (PP) and the tissue is realized in 100% Viscose.

The product is completely customizable. The customer can choose the liquid to fill in, from a wide range already available from us or he can supply his own liquid, the label on the product and the packaging is also customizable.

Our system

The container (38mm diameter and 14mm height) is a two-chamber system. The fluid is held in the outer chamber (max 5ml) and the inner chamber holds a pressed cellulose towel (22x20cm).

With a firm press to the middle of the container, a valve opens at the bottom, activating the two-chamber system.

The fluid from the outer chamber is released into the inner chamber and absorbed by the towel. After absorption the towel expands and can be easily unfolded and ready to use.


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