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Raed Ramadan

CEO & Founder

It is not by age, but rather through the accumulation of knowledge, experience, and valuable accomplishments that the life of human beings should be measured. Rightly so, we witness a country as the UAE which nowadays thrives among others progressively towards prosperity and development despite being only 46 years of age.
It is through the leadership, vision, and wisdom of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (GOD rest his soul), driven by a strong determination to fulfill his citizen’s aspirations that the dream of a strong and sustainable unity was realized. In the context of strength and sustainability, I quote from his highness “the journey towards growth & development is not only dependent on those who are decision makers, but is also sustained by the collective effort and commitment of every citizen in this country’’.
It is with this collective effort and determination that the country has flourished strongly and resiliently through harsh and pleasant times to be a place among the vital hubs around the world. Among the main elements that have contributed to this success is the Commercial Market.
Well aware of the vitality and contribution of tourism in the UAE and while witnessing an exponential growth of investments in this sector locally and internationally, the inception of Pillars for Production Services was an initiative taken to fairly and dynamically take part in this journey towards development and civilization starting from the UAE and surpassing local borders reaching to the Arab Peninsula. In this highly cosmopolitan and integrated marketplace, we at Pillars, aim at being a medium for attracting ultimate services into the UAE and abroad, for bridging civilizations, and for being a major player in the economic advancement we witness in our contemporary world.

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