Physical dimensions

Physical dimensions Diameter 38mm – Height 14mm، Weight 10,3 Gr – Capacity up to 4.5ml, Compressed tissue size 22x20cm, %100 Natural Viscose is biodegradable unlike synthetic cotton that has been sprayed with formaldehyde to make fabrics wrinkle or flame resistant. There is no alcohol in the fibers of our product. It is naturally anti-microbial, soft, durable and is great for your skin. – 35GSM.


We’re Here?

The new refreshing wipe on the go.. Experience the highly effective refreshing range of mandilak with various scents for her and him.
remove your make-up after a long day and pamper your skin. as a brilliant cosmetics item, mandilak combines ultimate refreshment with top-quality skin care made in turkey, for all everyday situations and any refreshing need. mandilak your personal companion:
 Be it in your pocket, on trips, in the office, during sport or at home.
one strong push of the thumb is enough. [...]


Promotional products

Promotional products benefit your business or event. Promotional products bring you valuable brand impressions at an inexpensive price, and that’s a fact. With Mandilak our designers will stamp your logo on our product. Mandilak has a 38mm diameter sticker on the surface of its capsule, this allows businesses to customise Mandilak with their own artwork to market themselves to their customers.


More than just a towel!

What is Mandilak Mandilak is the new standard for freshness, cleanliness and care. Each unit contains a biodegradable all natural compact cloth that is kept dry in a self-contained sealed recyclable package until they are used. The towelettes are activated by pressing down in the middle of the container which in return mixes the liquid and the compressed towelette. Once activated, the Mandilak towelette decompresses and becomes ready for use. The Mandilak product was developed as an organic green product that is 100% biodegradable and the PushClean packaging is entirely recyclable. Promotional products benefit [...]


What is mandilak?

A unique liquid carrier system for beauty and personal care products. A one-click and ready-to-use mask / towel. Two chamber packaging to hold the fabric and liquid separately. (Outer chamber – liquid / Inner chamber – fabric). European quality, Made in Turkey.


Reasons To Choose Mandilak

1 – Natural 100% All-Natural, Zero Additives, Recyclable. 2- Safe: Non-Carcinogenic. 3 – Friendly: On Your Skin. Friendly On The Environment. 4 – Long Lasting: Natural Elements Lasting Up To 12 Weeks. 5 – High-Quality: Easy. Convenient. High-Quality. Gets The Job Done. 6 – Portable: packs for your on-the-go needs.


Why Mandilak?

100% Natural, Non – Alcoholic Non – Carcinogenic Non-abrasive, 100% Natural Fibers, Recyclable Human and Environment Friendly Faster, Easier, Super-Convenient Flushable Natural non-abrasive Scrubbing Action 4-second activation time Not too dry, not too wet. Portable for car, travel, work, shopping, schools. 100% Recyclable plastic packaging materials They really Work!


The Finest Application Fluid

The Finest Application Fluid Mandilak ensures all products are nothing less than extraordinary, from the inside-out. We carefully choose our application fluid, and regularly certify its high level of safety and quality.


How does Mandilak work?

We know the success of product the best-planned campaign is predicated on the quality of the product field staff charged with engaging consumers and bringing the client brand to life. Assist Marketing represents dynamic individuals who have both a zest for life and a passion for delivering business results for our clients by creating positive, human connections with targeted audiences.

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