Patented Carrier System

PushClean™ have a patented in 148 countries under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty). This worldwide – patented system is available in three categories and distributed in three market-segments.


What is it?

PushClean™ have a patented carrier system is a patented capsule system allowing the carriage of a liquid and its related compressed tissue. Practically, in a single small body, it is possible to fit a liquid and together a compressed tissue or swab, for the liquid applying. It is realized in recyclable plastic (PP) and the tissue is realized in 100% Viscose. The product is completely customizable. The customer can choose the liquid to fill in, from a wide range already available [...]


We’re Here?

The new refreshing wipe on the go.. Experience the highly effective refreshing range of mandilak with various scents for her and him.
remove your make-up after a long day and pamper your skin. as a brilliant cosmetics item, mandilak combines ultimate refreshment with top-quality skin care made in turkey, for all everyday situations and any refreshing need. mandilak your personal companion:
 Be it in your pocket, on trips, in the office, during sport or at home.
one strong push of the thumb is enough. [...]


Promotional products

Promotional products benefit your business or event. Promotional products bring you valuable brand impressions at an inexpensive price, and that’s a fact. With Mandilak our designers will stamp your logo on our product. Mandilak has a 38mm diameter sticker on the surface of its capsule, this allows businesses to customise Mandilak with their own artwork to market themselves to their customers.


What is mandilak?

A unique liquid carrier system for beauty and personal care products. A one-click and ready-to-use mask / towel. Two chamber packaging to hold the fabric and liquid separately. (Outer chamber – liquid / Inner chamber – fabric). European quality, Made in Turkey.


Reasons To Choose Mandilak

1 – Natural 100% All-Natural, Zero Additives, Recyclable. 2- Safe: Non-Carcinogenic. 3 – Friendly: On Your Skin. Friendly On The Environment. 4 – Long Lasting: Natural Elements Lasting Up To 12 Weeks. 5 – High-Quality: Easy. Convenient. High-Quality. Gets The Job Done. 6 – Portable: packs for your on-the-go needs.


Why Mandilak?

100% Natural, Non – Alcoholic Non – Carcinogenic Non-abrasive, 100% Natural Fibers, Recyclable Human and Environment Friendly Faster, Easier, Super-Convenient Flushable Natural non-abrasive Scrubbing Action 4-second activation time Not too dry, not too wet. Portable for car, travel, work, shopping, schools. 100% Recyclable plastic packaging materials They really Work!


The Finest Application Fluid

The Finest Application Fluid Mandilak ensures all products are nothing less than extraordinary, from the inside-out. We carefully choose our application fluid, and regularly certify its high level of safety and quality.

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