• A unique liquid carrier system for beauty and personal care products
  • A one-click and ready-to-use mask / towel
  • Two chamber packaging to hold the fabric and liquid separately
  • (Outer chamber – liquid / Inner chamber – fabric)
  • European quality, Made in Turkey

After just one simple push, a compressed 100% natural Cellulose towel absorbes the cleaning liquid and expands out of the container. There is no alcohol in the Cellulose fibers of our product.

100% Natural Cellulose Towelettes Hypoallergenic • Anti-bacterial • Non-carcinogenic • Biodegradable.

There’s nothing wrong with dedicating dollars to television advertisements or social media promotions; actually, diversity should play a part in any successful marketing campaign.

However, sometimes you need something tangible for your product promotions or trade show giveaways, and that happens to be our area of expertise!

Your business promotional products do not have to be expensive.

You just have to be creative and patient.

Consists of 4 components: Label – Fabric – Liquid carrier system – Application fluid.

Our first innovation named Mandilak is a unique liquid carrier system for beauty and personal care product and meets perfectly the modern consumer needs. With Mandilak you have a one-click ready to use/towel for a number of application fields such as face/eye mask, make-up remover, cleansing, sun care, deodorant…et.

We are confident that using our new technology Mandilak you can further differentiate yourselves on the highly competitive skin care market.

Mandilak can be used as a door opener to gain new consumers as well as to increase consumers loyalty by providing them new concepts and innovations.

The container system in which Mandilak Towels are stored is made up of polypropylene (PP) as the main component. Polypropylenes are odourless and skin-compatible. Causing no harm to your skin, and no harm to the environment.

Mandilak ensures all products are nothing less than extraordinary, from the inside-out. We carefully choose our application fluid, and regularly certify its high level of safety and quality.

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