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Why Mandilak?

100% All-Natural, Zero Additives, Recyclable

Mandilak Technology

Label, Fabric, Liquid carrier system, Application fluid

Reasons To Choose Mandilak

Safe: Non-Carcinogenic

Physical Dimensions

Diameter 38mm – Height 14mm

What is Mandilak

Mandilak is the new standard for freshness


Weight 10,3 gr – Capacity up to 4.5ml

All Natural Towelettes,

100% Biodegradable, No CF C’s,

Compressed Tissue

Compressed tissue size 22x20cms

and more...

More than just a towel! A product for your marketing, carrying your communication, your message. On request, an effective packaging can be created. We listen to your ideas and implement them.

Consists of 4 components: label, fabric, liquid carrier system,  application fluid.

Our first innovation named Mandilak is a unique liquid carrier system for beauty and personal care product and meets perfectly the modern consumer needs. With Mandilak you have a one-click ready to use/towel for a number of application fields such as face/eye mask, make-up remover, cleansing, sun care, deodorant…et.

We are confident that using our new technology Mandilak you can further differentiate yourselves on the highly competitive skin care market.

Mandilak can be used as a door opener to gain new consumers as well as to increase consumers loyalty by providing them new concepts and innovations.

a unique liquid carrier system for beauty and personal care products

a one-click and ready-to-use mask / towel

Two chamber packaging to hold the fabric and liquid separately

(Outer chamber – liquid / Inner chamber – fabric)

European quality, Made in Turkey

Premium Features

%100 Natural, viscose is biodegradable unlike synthetic cotton that has been sprayed with formaldehyde to make fabrics wrinkle or flame resistant. There is no alcohol in the fibers of our product. It is naturally anti-microbial, soft, durable and is great for your skin.

Our retail is brand based on the mandilak. Together with our retail partners and specialists in various fields as well as producers of the application fluids, we create unique retail products of quality.

Private Label: An idea, a use, a market, a market-niche, your product created through us: Private Label : We create your own brand.

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