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Mandilak is the new standard for freshness, cleanliness and care. Each unit contains a biodegradable all natural compact cloth that is kept dry in a self-contained sealed recyclable package until they are used.

  • After just one simple push, a compressed 100% natural Cellulose towel absorbes the cleaning liquid and expands out of the container.
  • There is no alcohol in the Cellulose fibers of our product.
  • 100% Natural Cellulose Towelettes Hypoallergenic • Anti-bacterial • Non-carcinogenic • Biodegradable.
  • A unique liquid carrier system for beauty and personal care products.
  • A one-click and ready-to-use mask / towel.
  • Two chamber packaging to hold the fabric and liquid separately.
  • Outer chamber – liquid / Inner chamber – fabric.
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